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Duplicants ignoring tasks

Nero Darkard
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The more the base advances, it seems that duplicants stop doing tasks they have been doing the entire time to focus on other things.

This was especially prominent to me when I had a mushroom farm going. At some point, duplicants would stop fertilizing the mushrooms, no matter how high i set their priority.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Have 12+ duplicants 2. Expand the base more and more 3. Let enough time pass

User Feedback

How far from your base are the mushrooms? How far from the mushrooms is your slime storage? How high priority do you have on the mushroom planter boxes/farm tiles? How is your general priority settings? Are you using manual generators with higher priority than the farm? How long is enough for "let time pass"? Is it 1h, 3h, 8h real time or 10 cycles, 100 cycles or 1000 cycles in game?

Those are some of the questions that come in mind when thinking of this. Could you upload a save file so we can check what is going on and causing the problem?

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Playing on a 2 year old PC running Steam. This has been going on for me too. If you look at the Jobs list you will see the order in which they will perform tasks set at the same priority and distance. Typically the dupes will perform whichever task is closest to the printing pod first, but if you have too many tasks far away they will begin to neglect the inner base items (i.e. cleaning toilets, feeding the deoxydizers, harvesting). It gets to be quite noticeable when you get maybe about 500 tiles away from the pod, around 12 to 14 dupes, or about 100 cycles in. The larger the list of tasks and how many dupes can perform them, the sooner the problem starts, and the more the game begins to crash for me. It usually starts when I have a big building project (like building a gas power plant) or a very far away digging project going. I also found if the pathfinding is complicated by a lot of ladders it makes it worse. I found I need to save and reload once or twice an hour, sometimes more, but after about 3 hours that stops working. I then turn my computer off and back on again and the game runs smoothly for a couple hours before the issue crops up. I also canceled all the pending tasks, unreachable plants, and prioritized everything to a 5, then saved and reloaded. It worked better after that for a while when I re-prioritized the slightly smaller list of tasks. Hope that helps?

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