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Duplicants get stuck with Consuming Food Buff

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

Duplicants get stuck with the consuming food Buff, making it so their kCal never decrease. This means they effectively eat 0 Food; however it also means they cannot gain morale from food or eating in a Dining Room. The result is duplicants that can never get morale bonuses at later tiers.

This does not seem limited to Binge Eaters, and persists after a full reboot of the game. Seems to be more common with Binge Eaters.

I can post a Clip (Twitch) or a Screenshot if needed. Attaching the save game, Bubbles is currently experiencing the bug.

Hearty Dump.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Unsure, appears to happen when Duplicants have a stress reaction while eating food.

User Feedback

I loaded your save game and do not see any problems with Bubbles, meaning it does not appear to be persistent across reloads. I do not think this bug is any different than these ones, but thanks for posting more data:



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This still happens for me on the Launch upgrade on multiple occasions. Not restricted to Binge eaters, had one Destructive guy get it, and there's no initial stress trigger for any of them. I just notice this from the spontaneous stress spike as dupes lose the meal+ great hall + adjacent natural reserve morale boosts.

Might be worth noting that the save this happens in is more of a late-game (800-ish, 16 dupes) where I play on speed 2 as the fastest one makes everything lag (including dupe decision-making).

Sadly debug output isn't generated for me and state resets after reloading the game, so not much use from this message, eh. Just wanted to bump it up, I guess.


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