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  1. Food is not queued to be delivered to an unpowered Fridge. Unsure if this is intended, and unsure if this is because fridges now require power to prevent food spoiling even in Sterile Atmospheres.
  2. The GUI Scale Slider adjusts the GUI while sliding the scale, making it incredibly difficult to actually adjust the scaling.
  3. When a Gas or Liquid Bridge has a split on the Exit end (green), and one side can accept only a portion of the incoming packet (say in a farm where one branch can accept 800g/s of liquid) the liquid still pauses instead of pushing the 800g down that path and putting the 9.2kg down the other branch, which is expected. This causes a loss of throughput on the remainder of the line as if you were not using bridges in the first place.
  4. Well, it used to be (in the old system) that when gasses or liquids flow through a piping system, that it took a bunch of resources (and on larger systems you'd see noticeable lag when you placed new piping as it updated the flow charts). The new system is meant to streamline that process, so that the game will run better in much later cycles, and on some of the weaker PCs. Unfortunately it has some growing pains, I was able to get the system to break pretty bad tonight, deleting Hundreds of Kilograms of Gasses, and Duplicating others. Overall fun in terms of bugs but obviously not great for balance to have your systems randomly* do whatever they want. (* Disclaimer: Not Random, we found some patterns so we could manipulate the fluids (Liquid or Gas) to do whatever we wanted, but it was ALWAYS deleting mass so it was a Net-Loss every time.)
  5. Gas Bridges now overwrite and duplicate gasses that enter the bridge with an awaiting packet. I have a Electrolyzer setup that just produced over 750kg of Hydrogen in about 2 Minutes; and no Oxygen. I'm actually not sure what was so bad about the old fluid dynamics that needed this update https://clips.twitch.tv/TenderArtisticHippoLitty
  6. I am seeing the same, 80 Degrees in, 40 Degrees out. Business as usual.
  7. I used to have a water filter for my Pool, which worked with sand. Exactly as the Water Sieve does here; and that did not add heat to my pool. It isn't as "Simple" as you'd lead others to believe. Its a balance change, and I'm curious why on top of Wheezewart Nerfs and other things that this was a nerf and not a fix.
  8. I'm not understanding why the fix for the fixed output devices was a simple one way nerf instead of an actual fix. Why does the device only add heat? Why not make the fixed output temp 0 (since most of these devices are dealing with water anyway) and then have it so that Temp In = Temp Out?
  9. Duplicants get stuck with the consuming food Buff, making it so their kCal never decrease. This means they effectively eat 0 Food; however it also means they cannot gain morale from food or eating in a Dining Room. The result is duplicants that can never get morale bonuses at later tiers. This does not seem limited to Binge Eaters, and persists after a full reboot of the game. Seems to be more common with Binge Eaters. I can post a Clip (Twitch) or a Screenshot if needed. Attaching the save game, Bubbles is currently experiencing the bug. Hearty Dump.sav
  10. Im on [hamletbeta], but I have a feeling perhaps this is something that is going to be to do with my Steam Install. I've been getting a lot of weird Glitchy things since I downloaded Steam VR. I've uninstalled the game, moved the Game Install to a different hard drive; and we're booting now. I guess it may be time to replace that Drive.
  11. Even with the DLC Installed, the game boots into Shipwrecked Mode, and I see no options or anything that would indicate any Hamlet Content.
  12. This seems to be tied to Binge Eaters.
  13. Im having a pretty serious problem where all of my dupes will just freeze in place, and not move... ever; even if you tell them to. Its happened to me ~5 Times already tonight. Game doesnt crash, they just all stand in spot until they either suffocate or starve to death.