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Duplicants Chill by Inhospitable Printing Pod

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

Duplicants hang out near Printing Pod when there are other rooms to be in and the area around the printing pod is inhospitable, noticed it to happen when they have balloons.

Ideally they shouldn't be around the printing pod when it could kill them.

Steps to Reproduce

Cover the area around the printing pod with liquid.

Have duplicants go into their downtime schedule

Optionally have them also carry balloons

User Feedback

For some reason dupes giving balloons, can give them only beside the printing pod and not in any other recreation rooms

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yeah i found also if there are no recreation buildings they will chill by default at the pod during down time- p sure if u build a water cooler somewhere they will chill there, though balloon dispenser dupe still stays at pod i think

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