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Duplicant won't use Neural Vacillator

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Neural Vacillator is reachable but in an cold area filled with hydrogen. It is some distance away from my base, but even assigned to a character and all jobs set to priority 1, duplicant won't use the machine even if moved to it several times. I assume it's priority used the operate priority which is set to max on character. In this same build on a different saved game, my duplicant did use the machine when it was an un breathable atmosphere of carbon dioxide. Machine is set to highest priority. 

Steps to Reproduce
Explained in the issue report.

User Feedback

The Neural Vacillator chore is not part of any Priorities setting, but is an "emergency" level order that takes priority over most other things.

@Thecommander236 if you still have a saved game that is showing this problem can you upload it so we can take a look at your specific situation? Thanks.

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So it does not work well. Even if I don't have the same problem than Thecommander236, it sometimes takes a lot of time before the assigned duplicant goes to the neurovacillator. Before that he can do a lot of other tasks, even with priority level below 9. :(

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Hi, I have this problem as well. I found that if I save and reload the Dup will then go and use the Neural Vacillator straight away. 

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