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Duplicant won't equip their assigned Snazzy Suit

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

After making Snazzy suits for my dupes, one of them will not equip the suit that has been assigned to them.

Development Build: CU-274778

Sticky Swamp.sav

Steps to Reproduce
I didn't do anything unusual except make snazzy suits for everybody and assign them. There are two notable things about the dupe that won't equip their suit. The first is that she is the only one who has been brain zapped (she has the Rock Crusher trait now) and the second is that I changed her name afterwards to reflect her super strength. I've attached the save file... her name is Crusher (she's rather proud of that).

User Feedback

well you can get the dupe to get the suit, but it is a bit buggy if you ask me.

it seems they won't do it if they have a job to do above a certain priority, so letting him do nothing tends to help.

and on reload they sometimes ignore it untill you reasign it.

they should fix it though


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