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Duplicant stuck one tile above ladder

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I have a duplicant stuck on a tile above a ladder. They won't budge. They are animated as if holding the ladder. They are listed as Idle even though there are jobs nearby they can do. The navigation display shows available movement for them. The tiles above the ladder were a recently deconstructed ladder and the airlock was recently adjusted from closed to auto a few times, but I think it's been auto since they went down there.



Steps to Reproduce
Not sure exactly. There was a ladder there before that was recently deconstructed. They may have deconstructed it themself while holding onto it or something.

User Feedback

I tested this bug, too.  It will happen when you are deconstructing a ladder.  The dupes are on the ladder, but they will either "fall" into and get clipped into a square one above the next ladder square.  The only way I have been able to move them has been to deconstruct each ladder square beneath them to cause them to drop.  It seems as if they are trapped between the animation/ability to stand on the top of a ladder (the square above the ladder), and the need to hold onto the ladder.  

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I was able to free them by building a ladder on the tile they are stuck on. Someone else had to come supply the materials, then Olive built the ladder themself. Olive could Open/Close/Auto the door, but could not dig the tiles beside them.

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