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Duplicant stuck on ladder tile; no navigation possible

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Not entirely sure how it happened, but a duplicant got stuck on a ladder tile.  Happened just as the telescope module for the rocket was completed, and now they are stuck midair and can't get down.  No construction/deconstruction of tiles appears to free them.

Steps to Reproduce

Build a carbon rocket engine, followed by a telescope module, then a command module.  Build a ladder next to the telescope module (directly next to it).  

The Outrageous Beyond Cycle 122.sav The Outrageous Beyond Cycle 121.sav

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User Feedback


My Turner is stuck on a ladder in water drowning and Dups are walking past him.  I cannot path out.


My Nisbet Dup is also showing idle for not reason.  Random dupes will stop and duplay idle like the cant path out.  I have to move them to get them to go again.  This Turner Glitch is the hardest fail so far.

Turner is lost.png

Turner is lost2.png

Turner is lost3.png

Turner is lost4.png

Player.log DxDiag Turner Stuck.txt

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I have also had several stuck Duplicants incapable of movement, some of which resulted in a bit of deadness. One was an incacapated (???) Dupe who got left halfway up a ladder because their saviour heard the dinner bell, and no duplicant wanted to pick them up, even if i moved them right on top of said almost dead dupe. I checked, no duplicant had the errand to save them, I went over each of them.

Another was mining and constructing in a hot, CO2 filled area, so that was fun...

The third I remembered to make a screenshot:20210305221655_1.thumb.jpg.678edee734d687f60ec72f3625fca8eb.jpg

Yes, she's standing in the air. In her defense, there were tiles there not very long before. i did not see her get stuck, though.

I have reloaded from the last autosave for the first two. For the third one, I saved after I made this screenshot, then exited the game, restarted it, and loaded said save. This did, in fact solve the floaty stuck duplicant problem seen above.


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