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Duplicant not finishing their Operating duties on generators

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When adding microchips on generators, they keep trying over and over even if I disable every other operating skill based equipement, I can see in their queue line the priority resetting and those duplicants doesn't go do anything else either.

Here's a save on which it happens for any kind of generators (here are Natural Gas and hydrogen ones)

And a gif showing it in action.

It is "minor" so to speak, though makes me have 1.5 time the number of generators needed... Bit annoying.

I know this had been posted before but it was on a previous version of the game. So either I really have set up something wrong with my game, or something wrong with the priorities of those generators which can't be set (unlike Coal generators which DO can get pimp up with microchips.)

Thank you kindly.


MAJ : If I create a new power plant room somewhere else, it seems to work ok. if I try to delete a glitched power plant room and recreate it, it doesn't work.

Shack 10.sav


Steps to Reproduce
I don't know how to reproduce it, it was working at first then stopped working. Just take my save and see.

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

@Resnesky Figured it out: This is due to shove voles and pips entering the room (not leaving). Don't ask me why an increase in critter count in the room causes this - that's a question for Klei.

I loaded your save and killed all the shove voles and pips and the duplicants finished tuning the hydrogen generators without any issues. You can even watch a pip walk into the room and it causes the duplicants to stop tuning. I even added a Critter Sensor to each room; ever time the sensor count increases the duplicants immediately stop turning. Maybe the critter count change causes the room to momentarily not qualify as a Power Plant?

So weird. Thanks for reporting this!

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Nice! Thanks, good find, I wasn't expecting that either. And should make me go back on that save.

Maybe a good moment to try tamin them.

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I had this happening but discovered the reason. The automation wire I had built which was controlling the generator accidentally was passing through the automation port on the power station building.


So, when the generator was active dupes tried to tune it up. But when the generator shut off the power station got disabled and that building being enabled is necessary for the tune up operation to occur. So, dupes would try and tune up, them stop randomly. 

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