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Duplicant fleeing combat but nothing is around

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For some reason my duplicants keep getting attacked and take damage when there is nothing around.  You can see below Joshua is "fleeing combat" and has taken damage but there is nothing anywhere near him.  I have never seen this before, but it seems to be happening quite a lot in this colony.  This is my first colony with native pokeshells, which I have left to wander around.  They are nowhere near the affected duplicants, but could they be the cause?  Every time I get the alert I immediately pause the game and click on it so I can see what happened, and every time, I find a duplicant with nothing anywhere near them.  Sometimes even in my base...  Does it take a really long time for the "fleeing" alert to sound?  If so, I guess it is possible that they were attacked a long way away and are now cowering somewhere "safe."   Any ideas?


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Not exactly sure.

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I finally caught this happening.  It was a pokeshell attacking.  Turns out it takes a full 6-7 seconds from the time a duplicant gets attacked until the alert is posted.  

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