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Duplicant does not trigger pressure plate at oil refinery

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As the title says

Both pressure plates are verified that they're set to 10kg. Manually ordering a dupe to stand on the plate will trigger it, but while operating the refinery they will not.
attached screenshot


Steps to Reproduce
Build oil refinery with pressure plates under it.

User Feedback

I haven't checked but it may not be where the Duplicant is "actually" standing.

Machines have different spots where the Duplicant is animated to move to and where they are in reality. If you watch closely you can see a Dupe run to one side of a machine to use it and then "run" to the other side as part of the animation. Try placing more pressure plates to find their real position. If all four aren't active then something is wrong.

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Yeah, i actually found out later that this is the case. The dupe is actually standing on the second tile from the left on the machine, not anywhere near the right.
We can consider the bug report to be about that instead, since it's very misleading.

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