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Dupes won't eat

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This has happened with 3 of my duplicants. They start starving but no matter what I do I can't get them to eat. Most recently I had a dupe standing on top of a mush bar that she'd just made and I moved everyone away from it and she starved to death on top of the mush bar.

Steps to Reproduce
Dupe enters starvation.

User Feedback

@MissMomo Dupes can put a lock on the food from any distance. Your cook had a job so was occupied and others could put lock on the food faster. You have to give every other dupes a long walk command (they wont lock food until occupied with walking) and a 1 tile walk command to the starving one, so he can lock the food faster than anyone else. (its really tedious with 40 dupes so i just let starve to death 2-3 :S )

EDIT: also you can restricts other dupes daily calory intake on the vital menu, but to set them on 0 its 15clicks/dupe (and then 15 to set it back again)

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having the same issue. good to know there's a workaround, but this still seems like an issue with task prioritisation. i wish there was also a way to have dupes recognise that others need priority in eating? because i had five duplicants starving yesterday, finally got all but two of them to eat (and they both died because despite opportunity they wouldn't ever eat), but also had three who had eaten twice despite others starving. seems like there should be an automatic time lock or something on eating again, because there's no real reason with <12 dupes and four mushers that anyone should die of starvation when half the colony hasn't eaten and the other half is sitting fat and happy at 2000 calories.

eta: also, it seems like a major issue that sleep can be overridden by low oxygen or need to use the bathroom, but...not by starvation, apparently. 

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