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  1. having the same issue. good to know there's a workaround, but this still seems like an issue with task prioritisation. i wish there was also a way to have dupes recognise that others need priority in eating? because i had five duplicants starving yesterday, finally got all but two of them to eat (and they both died because despite opportunity they wouldn't ever eat), but also had three who had eaten twice despite others starving. seems like there should be an automatic time lock or something on eating again, because there's no real reason with <12 dupes and four mushers that anyone should die of starvation when half the colony hasn't eaten and the other half is sitting fat and happy at 2000 calories. eta: also, it seems like a major issue that sleep can be overridden by low oxygen or need to use the bathroom, but...not by starvation, apparently.
  2. tough call between maxwell and wilson, because how cliche can i be. srsly tho, they both have such dry and snarky senses of humour, and i'm not normally a fan of puns, but wilson oh my god. his deadpan makes it all so excellent. i'm also really fond of wendy, because she's just such a well-read and spooky little girl.