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Dupes with traits that don't match their skills

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I had to laugh at this first one, a Level 7 Miner who excels at digging but can't hold a shovel :D

I think there needs to be certain conditions for the random generation of traits so that a person who is excellent at one task can't also get a trait that makes them unable to perform it.



Steps to Reproduce
Dupe spawn screen, two randomly generated instances that I found.
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User Feedback

On 20th Day cycle for me, It's happend 3 or 4 time (digger who can't dig, creative who doesn't like art, cooker who don't want to cook or a nice learning stats with Yokel (Can't make research)). 


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Apologies for the second picture I just realised that Yokel = Not doing research, which is tied to the learning stat not the creativity stat.

I'm sure there's other examples waiting to be found though!

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