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  1. Actually wait it happened again, twice in one shuffle haha XD
  2. Apologies for the second picture I just realised that Yokel = Not doing research, which is tied to the learning stat not the creativity stat. I'm sure there's other examples waiting to be found though!
  3. I had to laugh at this first one, a Level 7 Miner who excels at digging but can't hold a shovel I think there needs to be certain conditions for the random generation of traits so that a person who is excellent at one task can't also get a trait that makes them unable to perform it.
  4. I noticed that two of my dupes became stuck on flat ground, despite both having easy paths to the nearest ladder (pictures showing available paths attached). One appeared to be piggybacking on top of the other, and would not respond to any move commands or red alerts. They were only able to move again after I ordered the tile beneath them dug out, once they had done that they moved freely again and resumed their duties.