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Dupes waiting for their AI "teleport" visually

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When the game is running at high game speed but low "AI tick rate", duplicants spend a lot of time without tasks, not even "idle" task. Those dupes assume some weird animation where their graphics are offset significantly, often "teleporting" into space, walls etc. Their actual position is not affected.

This seems to happen more often if the dupes are moving between the jobs, as opposed to starting jobs where they finished the last one (common in digging), in which case they just stand in place while "wiggling" as if they were still digging.


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Steps to Reproduce
1. Have a ton of possible chores for dupes to choose from 2. Load the CPU heavily 3. Set game to high speed 4. Issue a lot of digging jobs mixed with movement jobs (for example, regolith digging) 5. Watch dupes "teleport" around

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