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Dupes suffocate standing in front of closed airlock

  • Known Issue

Mae is suffocating while waiting for a "Closed" airlock to open. There is breathable air within reach, but she's really desperate for that tiny bit of clean air in a sealed room.


There's a whole pile of dupes trying to get to that same spot. Mae continues waiting for the airlock to open even after running out of breath:


Notice she is inhaling negative Oxygen. When I changed the airlock to "Auto", none of these dupes would do it, they had to wait for someone else to come open the door. Mae survived in spite of being out of air for a while, meanwhile Pam suffocated on the ladder.

Steps to Reproduce
Created a closed-off room with an airlock. Set the airlock to closed. Let the outside of the room fill with contaminated air.

User Feedback

Seen the same issue several times, any time you load up a save the game generates the pathing for the Dupes without consideration for areas which are off limits. (ie. behind sealed doors).

No idea how easy that's going to be to fix but i'm sure the people at Klei can take care of that bug fairly soon.


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On save file loading the doors lose airsealing too (in oxygen view you can see there are gas behind doors) opening the doors with a dupe fixes the problem. You also lose air and liquid filter settings too. So after every load you need to open and close all doors and resetting filters.

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