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Dupes still making messes while in exo-suite

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Something is badly broken. Dupes are still making messes while having worn the exo-suit for a while because they are far outside the base. I suggest categorically preventing dupes from peeing while in exo-suit. It is really annoying to have to mop up pwater from my oil-reservoir in in the oil-biome.

Steps to Reproduce
Happens rarely. No idea what exact circumstances are needed.

User Feedback

Exo-suite is the analogy of ocean wetsuit from my opinion. In wetsuits there is a special valve, so you can easily finish your "business" outside. Before, there were two types of divers, one who piss into wetsuit, and those who SAY they are not.

I think it's not a big problem to place extra Outhouse near your facility, so Dups can use it while outside main base. Still, i never meet this problems, except "Red Alert" situation.

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Exo-sits give you a negative bladder fill rate of -10% over time. Hence the urgency of even a full bladder should not increase while in an exo-suit, but it apparently does. My take is that these dupes leave the base at already 100% bladder fill (or 99% and the -10% kicks in with a delay) and then do not make it back in time. There is also fire-poles to get father away and conventional ladders to make it back in the specific situation. I have had it 2 times now. 

Anyways, it is not a serious problem after all, more of a minor gripe. When I posted this bug report I expected to see much more of this issue.

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