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Dupes still "forget" to build metal tiles, must reload constantly

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Oil Update. Dupes will ignore work orders to build metal tiles (mesh or gas permeable) after the first few minutes of gameplay and wander off to do something else, no longer building them at all after that. If you save and reload they will go back to the project priorities originally assigned. Sometimes canceling and recreating the build works, sometimes it doesn't.

The Hardy Specepad Backup.sav

The Hip Supernova.sav

The Starcrossed Dreamland.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Build some metal tiles after playing for some time.

User Feedback

 I have this exact problem.  I will load my sav game and txt file,  any tile they are refusing to build, will say it is queued if I mouse over it or say its out of reach, when it clearly is not!   and as per the OP it is exactly the same if I exit and re enter they promptly go build it.  The tile in this case is near the far left and is on the start area line

Unfortunate Pit Cycle 7.sav


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Today I actually saw a dupe stop halfway through building the GP tile and go do build stone tiles of lower priority right next to it. She never went back to finish the tile and no one else built any.

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