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Dupes Snazzy suit goes missing.

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when i assign dupes their Snazzy suits, they don't always equip them.

In a not so few times i asked them to remove their clothes as they don't seem to have equipped their suit only to have a different dupe remove their suit instead.

only real reliable way for me to equip suits to dupes is to lock them in a room with the suit until they equip it.

so far in my colony i made some 50+ snazzy suits, but even so not all dupes have a suit despite there only being 36 dupes in colony. so at least some 15 suits have just disappeared.



edit: oh, and dupes who had a suit... randomly loses it. for no apparent reason.

Steps to Reproduce
assign suits to dupes. wait a cycle. ask all who seemingly (i go by visual on dupes) have not equipped their suit to remove it. try equip once again, repeat.

User Feedback

I read another bug report a while ago, where their suit melting. Maybe it is similar problem? I don't know if it intentional or not.

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