Dupes not using med bay outhouses

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early game I decided to start making rooms to check the new rooms system.

I usually make my outhouse place the initial medbay with a single med bed beside the outhouses. But when I went and added a mess table to comply to the medbay requirements, dupes stopped going to the toilet, and started pieing everywhere.

Does the game absolutely want us to also have a latrine room? Inconvenient early game.



Steps to Reproduce
- make your restroom room a med bay - dupes stop going to the toilet - I guess that's because they think they can't use the medbay toilets, you would need to also have a latrine room...

User Feedback


The outhouses/ lavatories in med bays are assigned to just the dupes recovering in med bay to make quarantine easier. So you will need to build a latrine somewhete else. 

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