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Dupes in exosuits making messes again

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Just had a dupe wearing an exosuit (!) and in easy reach of 4 free outhouses (!) make a mess on the floor. Distance to the outhouses is about one screen all horizontal, one water lock, no other obstacles. The dupe did not even try to get there, but just kept constructing things. I do not have a "bathtime" tile in my schedule, since it was not needed so far (cycle 134), but apparently the problems persists:

1. In an exo-suit, a dupe should not even have a full bladder under any circumstances

2. A dupe with a full bladder should go to the bathroom as highest priority

I don't have a save that shows the issue, the one right before is subtly different and the dupe was not in an exosuit and did run to the bathroom immediately. But I think the dupe got into an exosuit at 99% or 100% bladder, the reduction did not kick in fast enough, but the exosuit prevented the "run to the bathroom" reflex. (Not needed after all, right? Wrong!) That would mean when in exosuit you prevent the run reflex, but do not prevent the pee reflex. Clean fix would be to prevent both, a hack could be to cap bladder level at 99% when dupe is in exosuit.

Steps to Reproduce
Seems to happen when a dupe close to or at 100% bladder gets into an exosuit.

User Feedback

1. Why do you think a dupe should never have a full bladder inside of an exosuit? o.O

2. Is it possible that there was no way to get rid of the exosuit easily and nearby? Where is your exosuit checkpoint so he can change his clothes? I don't think a dupe in an exosuit should be able to use the bathroom because it's just too difficult to remove it there.

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1: I do not think that. The game states it rather clearly:


2: No. I reloaded with slightly changed construction work and it worked nicely. This is a bug that requires something to happen with precise timing.

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