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Dupes emote amazement in space endlessly

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When digging up Regolith, dupes sometimes stand around forever emoting "amazement". I have seen a list on the dupe info longer than the screen after digging up a high stack of Regolith. I would suggest to not accumulate more than one or two of the same emotes form the same type of source. Also, after a dupe has seen it, is there even a reason to have them be amazed again and again? Maybe restrict amazement at space to once per cycle.

Steps to Reproduce
Have dupes dig up Regolith on the surface, see some of them emote multiple times.

User Feedback

It seems to be related to jobs becoming "lost" or impossible, coupled with terrible reaction times due to the asynchronous AI handling. I've seen it happen in dupes digging low priority tiles when not in space.

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