Dupes don't stop sleeping when stamina is full

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Hey Devs,

Dupes are oversleeping when the player gives too many sleep slots in the time schedule.

Please wake up dupes when their stamina and/or health (+ other modifiers if any for sleeping) is maxed out. I'm seeing dupes oversleeping even though 100% stamina is reached.

Before anybody feels this is intended and that the player should manage this, the dupes oversleep if their required 100% stamina isn't reached - I gave just 1 sleep slot for the dupes in the work schedule and they overslept for 1 more slot to make their stamina 100%.

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Hi @ArunPrasath,

This is currently working as intended, dupes will sleep in if they haven't reached 100%, but they will not wake up early if they have reached 100%.

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