Dupes disappears when exiting rockets, get NA values in vitals

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[Also replicated in Linux version]


Sometimes, when a rocket lands, the astronaut awaits for the platform thingy to extends. When it does, the dupe comes out of the rocket and immediately disappears from the map. If you look for him in the vitals list of dupes, you can't click on him and find him, and the values goes NA as shown in the screencap.


It also disappears from the dupes total number. It says that I have 21, but with Meep, it should be 22 in total. It doesn't even leaves a corpse, or a negative debuf on everybody for dying or anything of the like. It just vanish and erased from existence and the memory of everybody else.


The only solution I found is to reload the game before launching the rocket, launch it again, and sometimes the bug persist and sometimes it doesn't.


Trainwreck Cycle 1082.sav



Steps to Reproduce
Trainwreck.sav has the issue already and you should be able to see that is happening. Trainwreck Cycle 1082 has the rocket arriving after a while. You need to extend the platform with the switch located inside the tower in about the same height of the rocket (just follow the automation cable I guess). After extension, Meep should just vanish. No mods in use, latest version of the game as half an hour before writing this post.

Status: Known Issue

We are aware of this issue and have it logged internally but either we do not have a fix ready yet or we are not planning on addressing the issue in the immediate future.

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Changed Status to Known Issue

Yep, that isn't supposed to happen. It looks like Meep is getting out of the rocket, and then immediately getting right back in the rocket. If you need Meep around your base try unassigning him from the rocket and he should hop out. We'll look into fixing this issue!

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Thats exactly the issue here. Sometimes dupes will re-enter the command capsule instantly, and refuse to leave. Okay, i can understand if they like it there so much... but they are disobedient!

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