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Dupes can't dig regolith with buried object?

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Hi, you can clearly see in this video that dupes seems can't dig regolith with buried object. Please fix

Sorry about output_log file. I can't find it in my OxygenNotIncluded_Data. Dont know why.

I'm playing lastest build of RU right now 284634

Steps to Reproduce
Dig regolith with buried object

User Feedback

i have seen that bug fairly often, but usually as the 2nd from bottom tile, my guess is it has something to do with the random refined carbon you get up there and that regolith dropping at the same time. but i have not been able to confirm it.

also, if there is a tile under you can dig, you can just dig that one and it usually fixes itself. it will fix itself also if you reload the save.

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