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Dupe not producing good quality art.

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My dupe, Joshua, despite having a creativity skill of 13 currently, makes crude mini sculptures and cant make any art above quaint level. They are currently not a master artist, but this is ridiculous. It used to be that that level would easily make everything at the highest level.

Steps to Reproduce
Literally just have a dupe with extremely high creativity attempt to make art.

User Feedback

Art quality is now based on their profession.  An "Art Student" will always produce low-quality art.  An "artist" will create mid-quality.  A "master artist" will create masterpieces.  The art skill each dupe has now determines how quickly they finish their work.

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I've been making a bunch of "large sculpting blocks" and they're all being built directly as "crude" quality sculptures, and my artist (profession "artist", and is the only person allowed to do art) ignores them entirely.

edit: Never mind, she's definitely working on the incomplete sculpture now. Maybe I just didn't notice.

Also it produced a "genius" sculpture. I guess it's randomized and can proc for higher values?

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