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  1. [Game Update] - 298981

    That sucks so much now. I get the Reed Fiber but Metal? What's weirder is that you can't make Large/Wide Canvases anymore since like 2 updates ago. (no without CTRL+F4) OK I read all previous changelogs and there's NOTHING about metal requirement for canvases outside of Reed Fiber.
  2. [Game Update] - 298981

    Since when canvases require metal??
  3. Dupe not producing good quality art.

    I have all dupes as Master Artists but no one does anything. Also every sculpture looks basic.
  4. They overdid it (again).
  5. critter feeder

    Same issue! Critters won't eat anything out of critter feeder.
  6. I was thinking in terms of: IN-OUT / NOt gate where it would give of a 1 or 0 by itself. For example, if empty IN would be green, OUT red and reverse situation. Of course you could get by with just one output and logic gates. The end goal stays the same: to be able to control them via automation.
  7. Klei, PLEASE implement these in QoL patch: Logical inputs in: Liquid Reservoir and Gas Tanks Ability to replace Ladders the way we can do with Tiles Priority for Canister Emptier Countable Tile building (like pipes) Option to auto-promote dupes' jobs