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Dupe equiped with jet pack keeps flying away.

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Dupes with jet pack will fly to very distant places to collect resources when the bunker doors are set to open. Sometimes they fail to return to base in time (doors are closed by the scanners) and die after their jet pack will run out of fuel/oxygen soon. This strong tendency of flying really far away is super annoying and makes jet pack less practical. 

Steps to Reproduce
same as above.

User Feedback

Jet packs are there for flying... Its your job to prevent them to go everywhere. Or to make sure, there is a way back, even if the bunker doors are shut. Yes i ran into the same problem. But thats easy to solve. I dont think this is a bug, but intended behavior.

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Yup you are right it is not a bug. Basically I grant access to jet packs to dupes who delivery stuff; and these dupes always fly far far away to collect iron (fallen from the sky) and meat (killed by meteorite). I just don't think jet pack is "smart" enough. 

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