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Dubs destroy upgraded tiles when building pipe/wire through them

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I'm sure people have pointed out this bug before, but it's a rather annoying and weird bug. I saw a YouTuber have this bug twice and I was wondering why this happens. I did some testing and found that if you upgrade a gas perm tile or a mesh tile back into a normal tile; then you try and build a liquid pipe, gas pipe, or wire through it, your dublicants will destroy the normal tile (the tile will suffer from "Pressure Damage") and then build the pipe/wire. This glitch can also be worse because sometimes dublicants will actually repair the tile at the same time one is destroying it and be in a constant loop until one needs to go and do something. I have a video attached that shows the bug. (Sorry for background noise) Hopefully this will be fixed in the next patch :) 



Steps to Reproduce
Build a gas perm or mesh tile, upgrade it to a normal tile, then build through them.

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