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  1. I can confirm. I've got the same issue here. It's hard to catch a screenshot of it, but attached is my save file. Experiment 6206.sav
  2. Permanently ill dupes

    I can confirm. I've got one that does that too. I just tough it out, but it just makes me hate him more lol. Maybe it's a bug?
  3. Oh, cool! I hadn't seen that before. That's actually pretty funny.
  4. This is true. Could be a bug in the algorithm.
  5. I think this makes sense mostly... I'll have to play with it tonight/this weekend and see if I can fully understand it.
  6. Couldn't it just be that this was a buried geyser? Some of the geysers I come across are at least half buried.
  7. Do you mean just make it so they would automatically use them like the massage tables? Once I assign a dupe to my medical station, they're automatically unassigned after they're completely healed.
  8. I guess I don't understand in the original example what prevents gas from flowing through both pathways. Is it just a strange quirk of ONI that it will prefer to flow to another machine instead of sending it to both?
  9. Would this pass gasses through both pipes if it was on?
  10. Bridges

    I'd enjoy getting to see something like this as well, but it's definitely a super low priority. Ladders do work just as well, but for cosmetics it would be cool to have bridges.
  11. I can agree with this. It's not something that's ever really become an issue for me, but I agree it's kind of a waste of space. I've only got maybe 3 dupes at a time eating, but I have to have tables for all 10.
  12. So, what I've done in my current base is built a lake in one of the cold biomes below my base. Once all that ice was consumed and I wasn't able to cool it down sufficiently, I blocked my geyser, used 4 wheezeworts to cool the water to reasonable levels, and then once I opened up the geyser again, 1 or 2 wheezeworts seems sufficient to cool the constant drip. So cold biomes and wheezeworts are all I know to use at this point.
  13. Dive Suits

    Yeah, up until recently (when this lake issue came up) I thought amphibious meant they could go as far as they wanted under water, but apparently I guess it's more a speed difference. Kind of makes the amphibious trait worthless to me now, as I haven't really noticed a speed difference between dupes in the water anyways.
  14. Haha true. I tend to be the same way. I've sunk more hours into this game than I have any other video game in a long time. Hmm... I could argue that it can be a competition in some ways, as I know I like to compare my base with friends and get fired up if I'm falling behind, but you make a good point. That's a good definition I hadn't really thought of.
  15. I agree with @asmallrabbit. Sounds like the scenario that they pointed out. Your dupes probably were momentarily out of reach of the food, which is why the counter dropped.