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  1. I can confirm. I've got the same issue here. It's hard to catch a screenshot of it, but attached is my save file. Experiment 6206.sav
  2. This is true. Could be a bug in the algorithm.
  3. Couldn't it just be that this was a buried geyser? Some of the geysers I come across are at least half buried.
  4. I agree with @asmallrabbit. Sounds like the scenario that they pointed out. Your dupes probably were momentarily out of reach of the food, which is why the counter dropped.
  5. Aww MAN. Now they're hitting in the feels. I wouldn't call that an ugly crier, he's too cute...
  6. The update for Alpha purchasers got pushed out a couple hours ago on Steam. I already downloaded mine, so it should be available to you as well.
  7. Updating now! Practically bouncing out of my chair with excitement!
  8. Sad to see some people complaining. I'm super grateful that I got to be a part of this Alpha! I've already sunk an ungodly 90+ hours into this in the last month, and I expect to continue to do so in Early Access. Hands down the best $20 I've ever spent on Steam. I do, however, wish I had been more vocal and involved here on the forums. Would've been more help to you guys if I had helped with the (few) bugs I'd seen and troubleshooting... I appreciate all the hard work from the Klei team! Love this game and can't wait to play more!