Dreckos won't eat

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I know there is a bug where Dreckos ignore certain plants when they shouldn't and end up starving in a stable.

I have the solution to fix it temporary, and I wasn't sure where to put it. Hope this is the right SubForum

I found out it is caused by the plants hitting a "halted" status at some point, and the Dreckos won't eat them anymore unless you dig that plant up and replant it.

I've had other people confirm this fixes it as well. Just thought you should know in case you didn't already.



Steps to Reproduce
Make a stable with mealwood and Dreckos. Let the mealwood get above 30 degrees and hit the halted status. The Dreckos won't eat that plant anymore, even if it resumes its normal growing pattern. If you add some cooling to bring it back down below 30 degrees and dig up/replant that mealwood, the Drecko will resume eating it again.
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User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.
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39 minutes ago, BadlyBurned said:

A saved file with the bug active? Or a save file after I used the fix to correct it?

Let me know and I'll attach what I can

One that currently has the bug if possible, thanks!

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Top  left Drecko stable, the one with only one mealwood in it. You'll see he can't eat that plant. He'll just constantly ignore it.

It was "halted" before I put the WW there, which causes it to bug even when it regains growing again.

If you dig it up and replant it, he'll start eating the new plant.


For Bug 2.sav

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Thanks for posting the save. I wasn't able to reproduce the issue though...

When I load up the save the Drecko eats the mealwood immediately.  If I stop him from eating it right away, and cause the plant to stop growing due to heat, he still eats it.

Critters won't eat from plants that are less than 25% grown though, I wonder if that might be the reason you're seeing the Drecko not eating?


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