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Door state change request not saved

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It appears that door state change requests are not being saved.

Should be pretty easy to reproduce.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Create a door (in my case it's just a simple pneumatic door, I haven't tested with other doors) 2. Schedule a state change (open or lock) 3. Save the game 4. Reload it. You should see that the state change request is no longer there.

User Feedback

same whit me. I created a pneumatic door on a visco gel lock. A set the door to close, and then deconstruct it. If i try to mop the visco gel or get a dupe beyond the visco gel this is impossible. The visco gel save the locked door setup even if the locked door is deconstructed.

 For get rid of this situation i reconstruct the pneumatic door and after i set it to open or auto and deconstruct it i can mop the visco gel away

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