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Disinfect tool picks up infection without germs present.

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If you sweep with disinfect tool often the tool will set a disinfection as required when there are zero germs, see screenshot. The sweep and screenshot were all done while the game was paused in the same instant.

This appears to follow dupes ladder pathways so it would seem to be a result of a state triggered by their passing, possibly germs in small numbers, which have since vanished.

Once germs have vanished from a square I would expect disinfect not to be triggered. It looks like the squares are not resetting their infected state flag to "not infected" when the germs have died off, or something like that.


Steps to Reproduce
I believe this happens subsequent to a minor contamination when a small number of germs have been present and rapidly died off.

User Feedback

It seems funny but 3 years later this bug still exists ;) , at least in the latest build of spaced out.

After a sweep almost everything constructed in the last couple of cycles had 0 germs but could be disinfected, same for almost all laders and some storage bins. I do indeed think a dupe had some germs on them and did spread these, the few germs that did remain on the materials did die of fast. It seems that indeed a flag gets set after being infected that doesn't get unset unless you disinfect, i would think that this would get unset after reaching 0 germs or being disinfected.

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