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Dev Generator appears outside Debug Mode.

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Fixed

Dev Generator can be built without enabling Debug Mode or Sandbox tool in Testing Branch. Super Sustainable Achievement is unlocked easily with this powerful generator. 




Steps to Reproduce

1. Create new game.

2. Dig some copper ore.

3. Build a Dev Generator.

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

Hi, I just tried this and was unable to repro. Is it possible you still have debug mode enabled?

This can be done either with "debug_enable.txt" file in your application directory or with the flag set in a "settings.yml" file


(edit, disregard previous screenshot)


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Yes. I have debug_enable.txt file in the game directory for testing in certain save game.

It should be appeared only if we enable Debug Mode in that save game.

Surprisingly, Super Sustainable achievement in Steam is also unlocked with the save game that has a Dev Generator.


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Ah, ok that makes sense. Unfortunately we intentionally do not tie this object to the save's sandbox flag for internal testing reasons.

Debug mode and the Dev Generator are technically unsupported features, which is why we do not list them in the patch notes and keep activating it fairly obscure. We figured that letting it into the build will give people a chance to play around with it, but it's unlikely we will change its behavior as long as it's not negatively impacting the build when debug mode is off.

That said, if a significant number of players are running in debug mode and strongly dislike seeing it in their build menus, we can revisit this. Thank you for the report!

Leaving this open to address that achievements are not achievable after building the generator

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Turns out the easiest way to prevent achievements was to basically do what you originally suggested :D

Dev generator is still only buildable in debug mode, but it now also only appears in the build menu if sandbox tools are enabled or the game is in InstantBuild mode. This will go out in the next hotfix.

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