Dead Duplicant Flies At Door Lock When Another Duplicant Walk By

Calvin Valerian
  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Known Issue

I notice strange thing happen when a duplicant walking pass a dead duplicant at Manual Airlock. The dead body flies the drop to ground.

I uploaded the video & save file.

Oxygen Not Included 2019.08.06 -

The Swanky Dimension.sav

Steps to Reproduce
1. kill a duplicant at a Manual Airlock, 2. make another dupe walk through the dead body

Status: Known Issue

We are aware of this issue and have it logged internally but either we do not have a fix ready yet or we are not planning on addressing the issue in the immediate future.

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Changed Status to Known Issue

Huh, yep that definitely looks weird! Thanks for taking the time to upload a video.

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