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CU-275206 Missing storage category/location for gas canisters

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When I use the empty pipe functionality on gas pipes (which may itself be a bug but is super cool/convenient) I generate gas canisters that have some default behaviors (Sweep and Empty).  I have been unable to locate a category or storage container to put them in and i've been very thorough.  Misc seems appropriate :)


Steps to Reproduce
use empty pipe function on a gas pipe. a gas appropriate container is made that cannot be stored anywhere.

User Feedback

This has been in the game as long as I can remember(over a year). Either we are still missing a building intended to release there gas bottles or they havent yet figured what to do with them. I dont know if deconstructing or emptying the storage of a building that has gas in them will spawn these bottles or have they changed that to just release to air.

Edit: Checked through the bug reports. First time this was mentioned was 21st February 2017. I also didnt find it itmn known issues. This makes me think the devs dont see this as a bug and just havent yet implemented a building to empty these

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