Crude oil strange behavior

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Well, the issue is self -explaining (just look on the screenshot). It looks that oil with higher temperature wants to go left and up (40.9 left upper corner and 27.6 right bottom) 


Steps to Reproduce
neutronium on the left, airflow tile reservoir. reservoir was expanded before issue appeared (ladder in the center was previous border)
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From my experience this has nothing to do with the temperature. It is because you have different liquids mixed. Liquids tend to not move left or right unless there is enough of them (for example water spreads when above ~32 grams, while crude oil takes 100 grams or so, magma a few kilograms). However it will only push gases out of the way, not other liquids!

So depending how you fill your tank, it can spread really weird and make staircases like seen in your picture.

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