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Critters Wrangled into Solid Tiles

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

When I wrangled slicksters near a solid tile their wrangled body would teleport into a solid tile. Happened twice, didn't think much of it the first time (into Abyssalite) but I recorded it the second time (in Neutronium). See attached photo. Where I saw it happen was 1 tile to the left of where the critter is currently imbedded (the tile where the polluted dirt is sitting), the critter could only access that tile and the tile down and to the left (where the mop command is located). Not a game breaking/ruining issue, did not cause a crash or anything, just odd.

Note: There is a wrangle command on the slickster because I canceled its original wrangle that caused it to warp into the Neutronium tile


Steps to Reproduce

Wrangle a Slickster adjacent to a solid tile. Possibly needs to be otherwise confined.

User Feedback

Just a data point: I had this happen today on the "previous update" branch, so this is not a new bug. Also a Slickster, warped into an Abyssalite tile.

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