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Critter Feeder Glitch

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I wanted to change my stone hatch farm to a smooth hatch farm, with iron ore as the only source of food for them. I ticked the boxes for iron ore on stone hatches, stone hatchlings, smooth hatches, smooth hatchlings. The interface glitched out and I couldn't select iron ore, even weirder instead of selecting iron ore for stone hatches it selected shove voles.

Soon Cycle 413.sav

Steps to Reproduce
1. Click on critter feeder 2. Select iron ore for smooth hatches 3. Exist critter feeder interface 4. Click on critter feeder again 5. Should come up with shove vole being selected for iron ore

User Feedback

There is no way to select iron ore for hatches only. When you choose an ingredient it becomes available for all critters that can eat it.

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