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Crashing at the Klei Logo

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Hi I realize the crash at the Klei Logo screen is a big issue for lots of players and there is lots of information on how to fix this but I have tried everything such as reinstalling, enabling or disabling steam overlay and running in offline mode but nothing is working. I have not gotten a chance to play at all so far and I am very frustrated. One thing I have been confused by is the step to delete the .yaml file but I cannot find that file and have not been able to try that step. Please help...

Steps to Reproduce

This was me just buying and downloading the game, clicking run and it crashed at the Klei Logo.

User Feedback


since the last update I cant get into the game anymore. I click on "play" in steam, the klei-logo is showing up and then, nothing. There is no game, no crash-notification, nothing. I repaired and reinstalled the game. I deactivated all mods in the workshop. I did not use any antivirus. Nothing is working. I never had problems to play the game before. 650 hours gametime now ...

Windows 10 with all updates (except the latest big spring update). 


After updating my nvidia driver, its working again. So nevermind :abnormal:

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I have the same issue but my iMac is using integrated graphics so I don't think it could be a graphics driver issue for integrated graphics. I have tried everything I can and everything I have read on forums or community pages. Please help somebody.

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hi, i'm having the same issue,
have done :
deleting, reinstalling game
- updating c++
- updating directx
- deleting yaml file
- updating nvidia driver
- verifying file integrity

still have same issue.

attached the output log. 
kindly note that the output log keep increasing definitely if i'm not force-close the game. 


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