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Crashes at Bedtime (might be mod, no idea which)

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The main problem I'm having seems to be that I don't know how to read the debug logs.

I downloaded several mods about 2 weeks ago, and my game started crashing at bedtime. I turned off Rest for the Weary (adds Finish Up schedule block), Sharing is Caring (beds & mess tables unassigned after use), and Double Bed (2 beds stacked up like bunk beds), and the game worked. I added back Rest for the Weary immediately because launching a save with Finish Up blocks with the mod turned off is an insta-crash, and it didn't give me any problems. Then I added back Double Bed and it worked for a while, then crashed again. Took out all bunk beds and turned it off, and had no problems for a while. I eventually turned Double Bed back on, and it worked well for about a week. Then today, without having added any new bunk beds since running successfully for several cycles, it crashed at bedtime again.

The weird thing about it always happening at bedtime is that I have a day shift and a night shift, and it only happened when day shift (default schedule renamed) looked for beds, not when night shift did. I don't know if the fact that more dupes are on days than on nights might contribute.

Another possibility is that rather than the beds or related actions causing the problems, it may be that something with the cycle progression is messing up, which would explain why it only happens at day shift's bedtime.

I have no idea how to read the debug files. I tried, and it's just a jumble of words to me. Please help. I've attached today's (2021.12.06), and I believe the previous 2 are with all mods on (2021.11.26) and with Sharing is Caring turned off (2021.11.28). If someone who can read this arcane text thinks it's a different mod causing problems, Please let me know and I'll wrangle a list of every mod I downloaded and which ones are turned on.

Thank you!

ONI Crash - 2021.12.06.txt ONI Crash - 2021.11.28.txt ONI Crash - 2021.11.26.txt

Steps to Reproduce

I honestly don't know what's causing the problem, so I don't know how to reproduce it. :(

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