Crash with door automation

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Something in the automation of doors is broken now.

I have loaded 4 different save games where I had some automation attached to doors, whenever that automation starts the game crashes completely. Straight out of the game, not to a report error screen.




Void Warren.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Attached output log, dxdiag and two save files, which are older saves I loaded to test this crash (I tested it on 4 saves total. I went through all the normal steps a few times: restarted my pc, verified integrity in steam, tried another file, tried windowed mode, etc.) On Citadel - if you scroll left and slightly up from the starting camera location, either near my the geyser or the electrolysers are some automated doors that crash whenever triggered. On Void Warren - if you scroll right from the starting camera location, there is a door gas compressor that crashes whenever triggered. I tried recreating it on a brand new world with debug mode and it doesn't crash with simple automation. I had tested both of these saves since the Tubular Upgrade and they still ran fine (despite naphtha leaking everywhere), the latest upgrade in the last day or so though is when this problem started.

User Feedback


This can be reproduced by having open doors in vacuum and then save + load and after load close doors.



"Opened mechanized airlock after load 3" ... :)



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