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Crash on startup

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First it shows the Klei logo, Then I get the game crash image followed by the 'ONI is still in development' message before being spat back out to desktop

Steps to Reproduce
Start the game with the build number 289764. I can't say anymore on the grounds I can't do anything else.

User Feedback

Completely deleting my ONI folder and redownloading everything seems to have fixed my problem.   While i wasn't using the modloader,  i had in the past, so i suspect that it may have left something that caused the crash.

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I had the same problem with the crash on start-up, but renaming (or deleting) the "Modloader.dll" did the trick.  I guess even without the "patches" to the CSharp files, it was still trying to run the Mod-Loader. 

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