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  1. Grow up.  You have a lot bigger issues with your community than my complaint about people posting utterly useless irrelevant nonsense... 

    You do not fix your problems by "hushing people up". grow some balls and let people express themselves appropriately, I paid for this game, show some damn respect to your customer base.

    You released the game as "finished" when its still SO full of bugs it's an utter joke..  Stop acting so damn high-and-mighty and try to recognize that YOU serve US. WE are your customers.

    1. rollerrot


      This must be a joke.

    2. __IvoCZE__


      Bruh, I make a lot of errors and I'm hella thankful for JoeW for removing some of my posts.

      Also don't go all YOU SERVE US stuff, People at Klei have L i v e s, you know?

    3. I_Link_I


      You can now thank JoeW ,because if he wasn't around to stop me i would use worse word than "mean entitled Person" for you. :|

  2. I tried this but it seems once the pacu run down to 0 kcal, even though 1kg of algae resets the "starving" timer, it doesn't remove the "glum" debuff, so their reproduction rate drops down to like 7%.
  3. That over-used movie trope is pretty silly indeed Sadly they did not understand that force = pressure x area, so a tiny pinhole isn't going to suck a person into space.... However ONI is just as bad in the opposite direction tbh.. watching the gasses take a leisurely stroll towards hard vacuum is tedious in the extreme. It should not take dozens of cycles for a room connected to multiple tiles of space above it to empty to a vacuum as it currently does :S
  4. Would be really nice if Klei could consider taking a fresh pass at the whole "Space Exposure" / gas movement mechanics. The rate at which a gas is vented out of a room when it's connected to space (such as a rocket silo) is just stupidly slow considering it's meant to be connected to a hard vacuum. Dozens of cycles while it slowly draws the gas level down mcg by mcg is not only counter-intuitive to even the youngest schoolkid that has read or watched anything about space, It makes the game just frankly tedious in some areas. Please Klei... re-work the way in which gasses travel when exposed to space, it shouldn't take dozens of cycles for a room to reach vacuum if it's open to space.
  5. If you click on the (open) door tile more than once it will "cycle" through the cell, and you should find the "vacuum" tile beneath. Also note.. sometimes these door setups fail to open / close the inner door at the right time as your dupes get faster movespeed, which can result in gasses being left between the 2 outer doors, transferring heat out.
  6. Today on "How is this a thing?!"... Auto-saves from separate colonies are not stored independently, so if you want to play more than 1 colony at once, tough luck! This is one of those things that has been around forever and is SUPER annoying and is sure to annoy a lot of new players that pickup the game at release, to find their "hard work" has been wiped out because they decided to try out a few things on a new colony, only to find the only save left from their original colony is the "base" autosave right at the start of the asteroid. Seriously though Klei.. c'mon... its 2019... Disk space is not the issue, so what gives? Why are the "auto-saves" not colony-specific?
  7. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but I would personally love to see some extra adjustments to the new asteroid creation.... Rather than just spamming "random" to get something interesting, it would be nice to have settings for things like boulders, geodes and so on... A further adjustment to this is required to prevent the current situation of getting both (and often opposing) effects on the same asteroid... I'm talking about things like "Metal Rich" and "Metal Poor" on the same asteroid... Would also be nice I think to limit the boulders... I feel like it should be "small OR medium OR large", basically limiting them to only 1 type / size per asteroid, to prevent so many "useless" seeds with 3x boulders and nothing useful
  8. [Game Update] - 289971

    Nevermind, Fixed the problem after seeing other people with same issue resolved it by deleting the Oni folder and re-downloading. I had the same problem with the crash on start-up, but renaming (or deleting) the "Modloader.dll" did the trick. I guess even without the "patches" to the CSharp files, it was still trying to run the Mod-Loader.
  9. Crash on startup

    I had the same problem with the crash on start-up, but renaming (or deleting) the "Modloader.dll" did the trick. I guess even without the "patches" to the CSharp files, it was still trying to run the Mod-Loader.
  10. [Game Update] - 289971

    As of the previous update yesterday and still continuing today, the game just black-holes itself before even reaching the main menu..... A couple seconds after the KLEI Logo, the crash screen comes up.