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Copy/paste coordinates not duplicating

  • Version: OSX Pending

The coordinates from a game created in September, 2019, no longer creates the same file as the original. This was working until recently.

The original file (Acropolis IV ) and a recent restart (Committee)

Acropolis IV.png

Acropolis IV.sav



Steps to Reproduce
Start Acropolis IV. Press ESC once and click the small Copy button. Click Main Menu. Click New Game. Click into the Coordinates field and PASTE. Press ENTER. Select . Click

User Feedback

I this not a bug, but a result of updating Unity in this update:

This has been discussed here:

Primarily this explanation by @Cairath:

Klei needed to upgrade Unity version and with that, the .NET Framework version, to ensure the game will still work fine on all platforms. The new framework version has a different implementation of Random(). It's not like they purposely decided 'lol let's mess them up'. They've really been careful about not messing up world gen even when slight changes were added in the past, but sometimes you just can't avoid it.

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If I cannot use the current version to replicate this biome, is there a way to revert to a previous version (and not have it auto-updated)? I'm running Steam on Mac OS if it matters.

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2 hours ago, Kraegg said:

revert to a previous version

There was some discussion here, but it appears they ability to revert to previous versions has removed, sorry:


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