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Copying setting through valve doesn't work.

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Copying setting on different valves doesn't work. It's says that the valve has taken into account the modification, it says it only waits for the dup to change the setting, but dups never come until you manually set the number again, for each valve.

Steps to Reproduce
Build two valve. Send liquid through those. set one to 1kg/s for example. Copy setting, paste one the other valve. Dups never come to change the new setting. Manually set this second one to 1kg/s, and the dup will come.

User Feedback

Looks fairly trivial to fix. Valve.OnCopySettings() sets this.desiredFlow, but doesn't add chores. If it instead calls this.ChangeFlow( component.desiredFlow), then ChangeFlow should set this.desiredFlow and make a chore if needed.

I didn't test this though as that would require me to set up a new mod and start having fun with harmony. It seems a lot easier to test quickly if you have access to the real game code instead of just harmony patching. As with any other untested solution proposal, it can't be ruled out that something unexpected happens when testing.

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