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Conveyor System Won't Build

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I can't construct any conveyor systems and I can't figure out why. I have the conveyor research completed and I have a dupe at 100% mastery of the Mechatronics Engineer job. When I place the sweeper or conveyor rail, the dupes deliver the proper amount of material, but the systems never get constructed. When I place the systems using sandbox mode, the systems work properly, and then I try to build a new one, and it's the same problem.

Engineer has build sub-priority at two up arrows, as you can see in the second screenshot and though the priority of the build is at 5 in the screenshot, I tried it at 9 for several cycles too. I can't figure if it's a bug, or if I'm not doing something properly, and there are no tutorials or information anywhere about this. The part that makes me wonder if it's a bug is that the material is delivered in full, but the item doesn't ever actually get built. Can anyone help?



Steps to Reproduce
playing normally, not sure if it's an actual bug or not ...

User Feedback

Maybe your mechatronics engineer has a low or disabled priority for "build"?

If not, would you mind uploading your savegame so somebody could look into it?

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