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Conveyor belt + Jet Suit = Sad

Chained Phoenix
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OK so it appears that if you use a jet suit on a conveyor belt it gets to live there forever... I finally setup a system so I could move the jet suits from the base entry to their loading docks automatically (sweepers and a conveyor belt system) only for it to not work at all... I even tried to rebuild it and throw in a storage box to see if they would be moved there but no...

I've attached a screen shot with how it's setup.  Does anyone even have a work around that I could do the end step manually at least?  Right now the only way to get stuff out of it is to destroy it :(


Steps to Reproduce
Step 1 - Put a jet suit in a conveyor belt Step 2 - Cry

User Feedback

This bug was already signaled, and tagged as fixed in the next version. ;)

Until then, the only way is to let duplicants move the jetpacks.

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