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Content file locked

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Ok with actual EU patch my problems started.
I deinstalled, deleted folder manually, reinstallederror3.PNG.28a48e78bab33d067fdf2209d23cf4eb.PNGstorage.thumb.PNG.8c85125f988808fd258098042abd2ce3.PNGerr2or.PNG.92dbbece830a228d8eceb732a8927a59.PNGerror.PNG.79ecb2eed97826982b9fea9f0c3ee723.PNG
Now i get this, with download paused.

Steps to Reproduce
For me only it seems, install patch..

User Feedback

What's happening here is Steam is having trouble accessing your hard drive to complete the update. On Windows, please ensure that your Windows User Account has the proper permissions/administrative permissions to be able to write or save files to the hard drive.

Windows 7/8: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/14028/windows-7-how-log-on-as-an-administrator

Windows 10: https://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-check-if-your-windows-10-account-is-administrator/

From there, try running Steam as an Administrator
- Fully close out of Steam and restart your computer.
- After restarting your computer, right-click on the Steam icon > select "Run as Administrator"
- Try launching the game after your Steam Client has administrator access.
- If that does not work, move to Step #4.

AND/OR run Oxygen Not Included as an Administrator
- Go to Oxygen Not Included (OxygenNotIncluded.exe) as an administrator in your game folders (Steam\steamapps\common\OxygenNotIncluded\oxygennotincluded.exe)
- Right-click on it and select "Run as Administrator"

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I searched with google for "locked file steam" and found the solution.
I use AVAST https://www.avast.com Virus scanner and it blocked the new update!
Had that never before with steam/ONI.
I had to deactivate AVAST (till restart) and now everything is working again.
TY for quick response unit stuff ^^

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Thanks for the additional info - glad to hear that you were able to resolve the issue. 

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